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Church Bulletin

Click to download the Church Bulletin for Sunday, 4/28/2024

Who We Are 

MOUNT PISGAH IS A CHURCH THAT BELONGS TO GOD.  We are a church in which God reigns, Jesus Christ is Lord, and Holy Spirit is in operation in His fullness.   God's word is preached and taught with power and effectiveness.  The worship of God is enhanced by quality, high impact liturgical arts ministries that effectively minister to every age group.  The Spirit of God guides each worship experience, so that worship is engaging and empowering for all of its participants. 


MOUNT PISGAH IS A BIBLE-BASED MINISTRY.   The Bible is the foundation for our lives and activities, both individually, and collectively.  Each member is actively being trained as a disciple of Jesus Christ through participation in Bible Study, Church School, Classes, or the various other mechanisms of Christian Education, as well as through private study of God's Word.  Every ministry of the church responds to, and is consistent with, directions and principles given by God in His Word.


MT. PISGAH IS A FRIENDLY, PEOPLE FOCUSED CHURCH.  We care about the whole person.  Each individual who enters our church is made to feel that they are important and valued.  Members are encouraged to discover and invest their gifts in the building of God's Kingdom.  Relevant ministries and fellowships are designed to empower people spiritually, intellectually, physically, socially, and politically. 


MT. PISGAH IS RESPONSIVE TO ITS COMMUNITY.  Our members express concern about what is going on in the community, and attempt to partner with community members to respond.  Our space is available for convening dialogues and discussions about relevant issues, and strategizing their solutions.


MT. PISGAH IS ACTIVELY ENGAGED IN EVANGELISM.  On every level, both individually and collectively, individuals are trained and encouraged to lead people to a saving knowledge of  Jesus Christ, and to embrace new people into their midst.  Each ministry of the church has evangelism as a high priority in its mission.


MT. PISGAH IS A CHURCH THAT REFLECTS GOD'S PRESENCE AND FAVOR.  The appearance of our sanctuary and the way that we care for our worship facility and other property (internal and external) reflects the fact that they have been constructed, consecrated, and are being used for God's glory. 

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